Tech Ops/Technician Employee Spotlights

Digis Company Values

We have had several high performing employees this month in our Tech Ops and Install Repair Technicians fields that deserve recognition and a pat on the back for displaying our company values excellently!

Amy Swenson – Tech Ops January Employee of the Month

Company Value Exhibited: Address Issues Immediately & Support One Another

Over the past two months Amy has worked tirelessly to integrate WFX into the field.  You can always count on Amy to get things done when she is asked and she always goes above and beyond the task given.  One of her peers said,  “Amy always goes above and beyond to help me out, as well as making things work smoothly for my techs …. my job would be ten times harder without her supporting role.”  Amy and her team are the glue that keep our department together and they receive very little recognition for their effort.

Andrew Carter  – Install Repair Technician Top Performer

Company Value Exhibited: Honoring Commitments to Customers of an Extraordinary Experience

One customer said of Andrew, “Our installer Andy was awesome! He did a wonderful job installing our Internet and making sure all of the equipment was out of site and out of mind! He is very caring when it comes to doing his job, by both his quality of work and his friendly demeanor. He went above and beyond to answer any questions I had, as well as continued to work hard while having a conversation with me. He obviously knows his job and the equipment he works with very well. From what I’ve seen, he is more than willing to go the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied and that his job is completed with an A+. Thank you Andy and Digis for a job well done!”

Mitch Karr – Install Repair Technician Top Performer

Company Value Exhibited: Honoring Commitments to Customers of an Extraordinary Experience

One fellow employee received the following review of Mitch from a customer: “Mitch did a phenomenal job today!! I am so impressed! He went over the top and above and beyond to get the job done! I just wanted to have you tell him thank you SO much! You have the BEST technicians at Digis.”

Josh Edwards – Install Repair Technician Top Performer

Company Value Exhibited: Honoring Commitments to Customers of an Extraordinary Experience

One fellow employee received the following review of Josh from customer Geary Prescott. Geary said, “When my service was installed this month, Josh did an AMAZING job! He was very friendly, provided great customer service, and even went so far as to offer a few suggestions that helped me immensely. I’d like to let his supervisor know that Josh was great. Thank you Josh!”

Jose Rodriguez – Install Repair Technician Top Performer

Company Value Exhibited: Support One Another

Jose’s supervisor said of Jose, “I think Jose really deserves some recognition. He has been very reliable when we need something done. He will take extra slots and work out of area on his day off without any complaint. All of the guys love it when Jose works with them because they tell us he is a hard worker.”

Thank you to all who have exhibited our company values by going above and beyond to assist your coworkers and our customers in an exemplary fashion. You add an immense amount of value to the workplace here at Digis. Your go-to attitude and hard work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for being an awesome member of our team!


Holiday Party 2014

Friday, December 12th, 2014 we held our annual Digis Holiday Party in the Douglas Ballroom at the University Guest House in Salt Lake City from 6pm-9pm. The evening begun as we dined on braised short ribs and chicken roulade by Blue Lemon Catering while violinist Ricky Cardoso graced us with live holiday melodies. Following dinner and dessert, Quick Wits Comedy Improv moved tables to laughter as they cracked jokes and poked light-hearted fun at each other and employees. We concluded the night by raffling off over 100+ prizes and giveaways, including TVs, an iPad, Jazz tickets, $100 Visa gift cards, and much, much more! All this is captured below, take a peek!

Thank you to all of our valued employees for your support and dedication throughout the year. Your contributions are vital to the development of our team as a whole. Thank you for being a part of this great organization! We’re looking forward to another phenomenal year in 2015.

Happy Holidays!


Halloween Costume Contest 2014

Meet Our Install Repair Technicians

Today’s blog post gives you an inside scoop into the exciting life of a Digis IRT (Install Repair Technician). Their days are filled with problem solving, customer greeting, and athleticism as they climb to new heights (literally) and withstand the brutal Utah weather. They don’t always get to be in the spotlight, but they definitely carry a significant part of the Digis Internet workload and should be recognized!

IRT Training

Every IRT goes through a rigorous training process that consists of 6 to 8 weeks of in field and classroom training on Networking, Programming, OSHA Safety Standards, Low Voltage Best Practices, Communication, Soft Skills, and more. IRT training places a special emphasis on creating a safe work environment, as well as a great customer experience. One way IRTs create a positive customer experience is through communication. They are trained to listen to what the customer wants and create a forum for open dialogue with the customer in order to find the best solution. At the end of every job, if a technician understands what the customer expects and those expectations are met, then a great customer experience is established and the technician has succeeded.

IRT Jobs

An IRT is entrusted with a number of different jobs that they complete throughout an 8 to 9 hour work day. These jobs consist of New Customer Connects, Trouble Calls, Reloads, Equipment Pickups, and more.  An IRT’s day typically starts upon receiving their assigned schedule composed of the various jobs. Each IRT then researches specific problems customers are having in order to prepare for arrival at each job.

Our technology here at Digis is very dynamic. Things are constantly changing, upgrades to sites are taking place, new sites are going up in all Broadband Internet areas, interference issues pop up now and again, and not to mention we have hundreds of tower locations all over the state that each IRT must familiarize themselves with. Being an IRT at Digis is a constant learning process presenting many challenges along the way, as well as rewards.

IRT Attributes

On top of being hard working and excellent problem solvers, one attribute that each IRT has in common is the amount they truly care about the customer experience. In every weekly team meeting you will hear technicians speak about areas of concern that may become customer affecting. A technician has a very difficult job and they find the most satisfaction out of a happy customer.

 Eric Winn, our Networks Install Manager, had to say regarding our IRTs, “As the manager of 50 Field Technicians, 5 Supervisors, 4 Dispatchers, and 2 Trainers, one thing remains constant: customer satisfaction! I appreciate greatly the devotion, commitment, and enthusiasm that each IRT puts into every work day. The best part about my team is that they work amazingly together. Each individual success is not their own, rather it is a group effort. I have an awesome team and I can’t say enough about everything that is done by them that in turn makes my job so awesome and gratifying. It is such a pleasure working with each and every individual.”

IRT Rewards

In an effort to recognize and reward this hard working crew, Digis Install managers and supervisors routinely organize breakfasts, barbecues, movies, and other fun events for our IRTs to enjoy. Here they are able to take a break from their rigorous work day and enjoy one another’s company over good food and entertainment (pictured above).

Employee Spotlight: Scotty Howell

Today, we’d like to spotlight one of our valued team members. Scotty Howell joined our Digis family one year ago in October of 2013 as a Technical Support Agent and was later promoted to a Tier 2 Business Agent. He is a valuable team member and an outstanding human being. He is friendly and personable when dealing with customers and exhibits a great amount of respect and patience for every person he interacts with both on and off the phone here at Digis. We’ve come to love Scotty as part of the Digis family.

Today was Scotty’s last day at Digis for a while. Scotty has a kidney disease that requires him to do dialysis three times a week while he waits for a kidney transplant. On top of these difficulties, he found out a little over a month ago that one of his kidneys is cancerous. He is now participating in chemo along with the dialysis treatments.

If you weren’t aware of Scotty’s health condition, you would never have been able to tell from his friendly smile and engaging personality. He fought like a lion to continue his regular work schedule here at Digis, but he finally had to take some time to focus on healing and relieve the stress on his body in order to regain full health.

We sent him off with lots of balloons, cupcakes, cards, and hugs, and all in a basketball theme because of his crazy love for the game. As a Digis family, we will be doing fundraisers over the course of the next few weeks to help Scotty and his family with medical expenses.

As soon as Scotty is able to repair his health and overcome these challenges, his office space and Digis family will be waiting to welcome him back with open arms. We wish Scotty the best of luck and want him to know our love and support is with him and his family. We thank him for all of his contributions to Digis and look forward to working with him again soon!

Summer Party Madness

As summer came to a close, we celebrated with a few final summer flings here at Digis as a reward to all of our employees who have contributed to our success and growth thus far this year as one of the nation’s premiere Internet providers.

On August 15th, 2014 we hosted a summer party for our North county employees at the North Shore Aquatic Center in Ogden, Utah. Entry to the water park and dinner was provided courtesy of Digis. Digis employees and their families feasted on pizza and enjoyed some swimming and summer rays.

On September 5th, 2014 we held a second summer party for our South county employees at the Big Screen Event Center in Orem, Utah. Gloria’s Little Italy in Provo, Utah catered a dinner consisting of salad, pasta, and bread with nutella raspberry cupcakes as dessert. Dinner was followed by a myriad of games displayed on giant screens and projectors throughout the event center. Employees had the opportunity to battle friends and family members via their choice of video game, including Rock Band, Wii sports, and Call of Duty.

We’d like to thank all of our employees for their continued hard work and excellence in connecting people to a better Internet experience all along the Wasatch front and throughout nearby states. Each employee is a valued member of the Digis team and contributes to the Digis culture and experience where we believe in supporting one another, honoring commitments, and working hard to play hard.



Digis Award Celebration

We are pleased to announce that Digis has received the award for 2014 Best Internet Provider by Utah Valley Magazine! Digis Marketing Manager Edward Martin says regarding the award, “The success of Digis is attributed to two groups. Number one, our fantastic employees. Number two, our wonderful subscribers. With the support of each, Digis has become the largest Wireless Internet Service Provider in the country.”

Voted by local subscribers, we proudly accepted this award and decided to celebrate the employees who have contributed to this achievement. Since one celebration didn’t seem like enough, we planned two. The first included a Snow Cone Party, which provided free unlimited snow cones to employees for an entire day.

Secondly, as the capstone celebration, company wide lunch was provided to all employees. Lunch consisted of DP Cheesesteake sandwiches, salad, chips, and Crystal Light to drink. Digis General Manager Ryan Larsson concluded lunch with a speech spotlighting the growth of Digis over the past year and thanking employees for their role in Digis’s success.  Ryan said, “Team, this award goes to you!  We couldn’t have done it without the day-in and day-out hard work that happens across this company.”

We’re very honored to receive this award and would like to thank all of our customers and the community for their continued support.


Here’s to You

What is at the heart of every business? Their customers. We understand here at Digis that the majority of our success is due to our loyal, existing customers. That’s why, until 7pm today only, we’d like to offer you a Customer Appreciation Special. Sign up a friend for our service and you’ll receive (1) Roku Streaming Video Player and $100 Referral Credit. In addition, your friend will receive (1) Roku Streaming Video Player and FREE Professional Installation (regularly $49.00) upon being successfully installed with service.

Give us a call at 866-92-DIGIS in order to take advantage of this unique offer! Offer only valid today 5.21.14 until 7pm. Offer only valid for Digis Utah customers. We appreciate your business and thank you for being our customer!

Disclaimer: With successful activation. Speeds not available in all areas. Call for availability. Speeds for upload and download may vary and are not guaranteed. Unlimited long distance calling service is for the United States, Canada, and US territories only. Free international calling applies to land line calling only. Equipment rental for internet is $6.50 per month and $1 per month for phone adapter. Prices shown do not include applicable taxes. Call for complete details. Must mention promo at time of offer. While supplies last. Copyright 2014 DIGIS. All rights reserved.

What do Digis and St. Patrick’s Day have in common?

St. Patrick’s Day and Digis share one distinct characteristic … the color green! In order to celebrate a holiday that shares our true color, we organized a company potluck revolving around just that, the color green. Employees contributed true Irish dishes, along with a variety of green-colored snacks and desserts to compose a St. Paddy’s Day lunch. From corned beef to green jello, we celebrated St. Paddy’s Day one green bite at a time.

A contest was thrown to determine the best St. Patrick’s Day dishes that were brought. An ensemble of taste-testing judges agreed upon the following winners:

Best Main Dish: Corned Beef by Don Dowden

Best Side Dish: Shepherd’s Pie by Laurel Stephens

Best Dessert: Mint Oreo Pie by Jade Lundberg

We wish everyone a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day and would like to thank everyone who participated in today’s potluck.

Keep Calm and Eat Southern

This week we held our first ever Southern style potluck at Digis. Employees were invited to bring a homemade dish with a Southern theme from one of the following four categories: main dish, biscuits/bread, side dish, and dessert/drink. Lots of butter, flavor, and spice was brought to the table as many employees prepared mouth-watering recipes true to the South. It was a hard decision, but the following winners were selected for their dishes (pictured above from left to right):

Dessert: Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler by Dave Lowe Warehouse Manager

Biscuit/Bread: Pumpkin Cornbread by Chris Dominguez Warehouse Coordinator

Side Dish: Creamy Mashed Potatoes by Sarah Nunn Contract Administrator

Main Dish: Spicy Jambalaya by Sasha Hansen Marketing Coordinator

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in our potluck and for all of the hard work that went into each dish that was prepared. The display of Southern culinary skills from everyone who participated in the potluck was truly impressive!